Paul Jakubowski

Fine Art, Illustration, Public Art, Project Manager
Paul Jakubowski is a second generation artist born and raised in Clifton New Jersey. His talent has been nurtured since early childhood. He has traveled much of the world exploring nature, art and culture. He likes to paint images of man relating to the environment.  He loves colour and bold brush stokes. He is an impressionist. Currently he resides in an Aboriginal community on Cape York Peninsula, Queensland Australia. He is managing an art and culture centre for the community. He is sharing his skills with indigenous people and is able to paint a few works of his own. His website is his way of sharing his work with the outside world.   The painting above is a self portrait of himself riding his mountain bike along the beach during the wet season. Mosquitos can be vicious making one pedal harder, faster without stopping. Once you stop you will be attacked by many mosquitos..